The Guide to Neteller Casinos: Fulfilling Info for the Gamblers

Those who are fond of playing casino games typically face a vast selection of payment options to pick from. Neteller is one of the variants chosen most frequently. This is why there are quite a few worthy Neteller casinos today (these are the platforms that have included this option in the banking methods). So, let’s see what you shall be aware of in connection with it.

Introduction to Neteller Casinos

It is important to realize how Neteller casinos emerged and what they are all about. Follow below to learn more!

Brief History of Neteller


First of all, Neteller is an e-money transfer service that is now accessible in fifteen languages. It was created in 1999 in Canada. Since the very beginning, the service started to develop and grow pretty fast. As for online gambling, Neteller initiated processing appropriate payments in July 2000 (so, it has been quite a long time since then which proves the vast experience of this provider). 

It is PaySafe Group which is the current owner of the system.

How Neteller Casinos Work

A Neteller casino always suggests Neteller as a means of depositing and withdrawing cash. So, once you decide to enter and deal with any of Neteller casinos, you will come across this option in connection with adding some money to your balance or withdrawing the winnings.

As for the rest of the details, Neteller casinos are about to offer quite clear stuff to the participants. The gamblers are normally able to be involved in plenty of cool games and have decent chances to win at Neteller casinos. They will also come across the opportunity to contact support at any time it is relevant for them. So, in general, being a part of any Neteller casino is an extremely pleasant experience. 

Top Recommended Neteller Casinos

Despite the fact that there are a lot of Neteller casinos over the Internet, not all of them can be trusted. It is vital to go through a thorough checkup before deciding on a specific platform. At the same time, you can just rely on the selection we have prepared for you. Here are the most stunning Neteller gambling platforms to take a look at (plus, we have added several pros to each of the casinos to deal with).

  • Paripesa (plenty of bonuses and tournaments for everyone; an awesome selection of providers to select from);
  • Betway (abundance of live dealer games; pleasant VIP program and a generous welcome reward);
  • N1Bet (rich collection of slots; a lot of providers to pick from);
  • Jackpot City (cool welcome offer and impressive jackpots);
  • LeoVegas (many slot machines and live dealer options; the players can also bet on sports), and others.

You will never regret it in case you join any of these Neteller casinos. Each of the platforms is going to provide you with a chance both to deposit and withdraw via Neteller which is very convenient for those who are already used to such an option.

Sure, you are always welcome to conduct the research on your own. But in this case, you should pay attention to the stuff like:

  • Security of a particular casino platform (wonder what tech is used to protect the data of the players);
  • Number of bonuses and promotions (the more of them you are going to face, the more profitable the gameplay can be);
  • License info;
  • The data you have to indicate for the sign-up (some of the users may not be okay with mentioning specific info), etc.

Detailed Features of Neteller Casinos

Neteller casinos are the platforms that are surely able to draw the attention of gamblers for a long time. The reason behind this is quite simple: there are a lot of cool features that can be found in this sort of casinos. They are going to be revealed below.

The Simplicity of the Sign-Up at Neteller Casinos

It is not hard to become a member of a Neteller casino at all. The players just have to mention key info about themselves (like full name, email address, phone number, country, etc.). It has to be typed into the appropriate fields. Apart from this, gamblers also have to come up with a strong password.

N1Bet Neteller Casino Sign-Up

Naturally, the process of the sign-up is going to differ depending on what Neteller casino you decide to stop at. But here is the most important point: you will never have to waste your precious time when trying to register as soon as the process does not involve having to indicate too much data.

Quick Withdrawals for the Players at Neteller Casinos

One of the most pleasant news for any gambler who is thinking of joining a Neteller casino is as follows: you will not have to wait for too long till your money is cashed out. The matter is that the e-wallet withdrawals are very nice when it comes to speed. 

You may come across the mentioning of the fact that you will be facing a pretty fast withdrawal (one of the examples here is LeoVegas). Other platforms are ready to state the approximate time of waiting. This is what things look like at Paripesa. Joining this casino is a good idea as soon as you will get your funds within fifteen minutes (sounds quick enough, right?). Apart from this, you won’t be charged any fees for the transactions here.

Paripesa Neteller Casino Withdrawal

Responsive Support at Neteller Casinos

Having issues is an absolutely okay part of any gambling experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are a skilled player or a complete beginner. Help is something that has to be given to anyone at any time. This is what Neteller casinos can boast for sure.

The means of reaching the support at Neteller platforms can be quite different. It may be a live chat or emailing. Some of the brands are about to suggest completing a form right on the site to you (N1Bet is a good example of it). Plus, you may stick to the FAQ section on the Neteller casino platforms that typically covers the basic issues that can take place when gambling and getting ready for it. Choose the option that seems to be the best and easiest for you. Anyway, the members of support will never ignore your trouble and will do their best to assist as fast as possible.

Enhanced Security for Everyone at Neteller Casinos

Primarily, all of the Neteller platforms are licensed. This is a guarantee of safety that shouldn’t be ignored. 

Apart from this, Neteller casinos usually use SSL encryption which also contributes to great safety. So, this is a strong reason to consider participation at one of Neteller casinos.

Pleasant Design and Interface of Neteller Casinos

One of the brightest features that has to be highlighted in connection with Neteller casinos is a fine design. You will never have to deal with a platform that looks too distracting. It is quite the opposite: you are going to receive a brilliant opportunity to enter casino platforms with nice colors and fonts (so as to help you spend as much time as you would like to on these sites).

As for the interface, it is always friendly at the best Neteller casinos. This means that even a complete beginner will be able to find an option he is interested in. It also refers to the opportunity to deposit and withdraw with the help of Neteller.

The Abundance of Options for Playing at Neteller Casinos

Gamblers may be fond of quite different titles when it comes to playing. Sure, it is very important to find a platform that will suggest a good selection of stuff to consider. Well, this is right what can be said about Neteller casinos.

You will surely come across plenty of worthy titles from providers that are recognized all across the globe. By the way, some of the casino sites will even promote a chance to stick to certain suppliers.

If you decide to join a Paripesa brand, you will get to choose from slots, live dealer stuff, TV games, and so on. Such a famous brand as Betway will please you with the most exciting slots, table, and live dealer stuff.

In case you would like to plunge into a specific kind of games, there is a sense in checking whether it is presented at Neteller casinos or not in advance.

Cool Rewards for Anyone at Neteller Casinos

Neteller casinos are also characterized by the vast collection of bonuses that are accessible to the participants. Mostly, those are deposit bonuses. For instance, there is a nice welcome pack at N1Bet casino (cash and free spins that are granted in connection with the first four deposits you are going to make). If you join such a platform as Jackpot City, you will also get a nice welcome offer for the first deposits (cash reward).

By the way, some of the casino platforms do not accept Neteller as a means of deposit in connection with welcome rewards. But it is not this way with the top recommended sites.

Pros and Cons of Using Neteller at Online Casinos

Utilizing Neteller in web casinos is linked to specific advantages and disadvantages. We have already indicated a few vital aspects in the material but it is still more convenient to study the stuff in comparison. So, feel free to take a look at the table below that illustrates key points in connection with this.

Pros Cons 
It takes just a few minutes to create a Neteller walletThere are processing fees on some platforms
The deposits with the help of Neteller are really fastParticipants from specific countries are not allowed to open accounts at Neteller casinos
It does not take too long to cash the funds outNeteller is not accepted everywhere
It is safe to be a part of Neteller system
Dealing with Neteller is easy and clear

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Neteller in Online Casinos

We will represent the steps of being involved in the stuff at Neteller casinos as a sequence of actions for your convenience.

  1. Create a Neteller account.This is what has to be done on the official site. It will not take a long time as soon as you should just provide key info about yourself, pick the currency, and make up the password.
Neteller website home page
  1. Register on any of the Neteller casinos. It is a nice idea to rely on the rankings of the top-notch platforms we have already suggested above. Sign-up for a platform that seems to be the best for you by means of indicating key info about you.
  2. Make a deposit with the help of Neteller. It is essential to pick Neteller as a payment method to do this. Do not forget to grab a welcome reward when adding some cash!
  3. Explore a variety of games and start playing. This is probably the most pleasant part to deal with. You may stick to a filter of titles to find a necessary unit faster.
  4. Get ready to withdraw funds when there are some of those on your balance. It is also important to keep wagering requirements in mind before you are able to do so. When you intend to cash out, you will simply have to choose Neteller as an option.

Neteller Account Levels: Introducing a VIP Program for Even Cooler Experience

You are free to select between three Neteller levels when you consider your Neteller account: standard, TRUE, and VIP. Those having a TRUE level can enjoy lower money transfer fees.

As for the VIP program, you are about to get extra cool stuff depending on what level you have. There is silver, gold, diamond, and exclusive to deal with. Here are some of the advantages offered to the clients:

  • 24/7 email support;
  • Dedicated VIP manager assistance (excluded from the silver level);
  • Discounts for deposits and withdrawals (excluded from the silver level);
  • Free money transfers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neteller Casinos


Top 5 Questions about Neteller Casinos

Is it free to join the Neteller casino?

Becoming a member of a Neteller casino will not normally cost you anything. The same refers to downloading the apps of Neteller casinos.

How long does it take to withdraw cash at Neteller casinos?

This depends on what casino you decide to stick to. However, the speed of withdrawal in connection with Neteller casinos is naturally higher than compared to other platforms.

Is it hard to receive a welcome bonus at Neteller casinos?

The welcome offer is given to newcomers and may be linked to making the first deposit. Once you are done with this requirement, you are free to claim a reward of this kind.

Can the players gamble for fun at Neteller casinos?

There is a demo version at some of the best Neteller casinos. So, you can stick to this option in case you feel like you need to practice first.

Are there any other payment methods at these casinos apart from Neteller?

Sure! Neteller casinos often offer a variety of other banking methods too. There is Skrill, payments with credit cards, and even crypto in some cases.

Conclusion: Why Choose Neteller Casinos?

These are great platforms that have been introduced for convenient participation. This has to deal with user experience, bonus offers, a variety of games, speed of depositing and withdrawing, and other crucial stuff.

Final Verdict on Neteller Casinos

Neteller casinos will never disappoint those who decide to join them. The players opting for Neteller casinos will be able both to have fun and achieve their goals. So, enjoy your gambling to the fullest!

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